Type of vehicle 3-Axles Cryogenic Semi-trailer
Design code ASME Ⅷ, Division 1. CGA341-2007
Optimized LIN, LOX, LAR
Gross Capacity (Warm) 28,000 Liter
M.A.W.P 10bar
Tare weight 13,800 Kg
Payload 21,492 Kg (95%LIN)
Gross weight of trailer 35,292 Kg
Dimension-Semi-trailer 11,753mm*2,495mm*3,600mm
Max. 3% tolerance of weight
1. Pressure vessel
Design code ASME Ⅷ, Division 1
M.A.W.P 10bar
Material Stainless Steel, ASME SA240 304
Min. design temp -196 c
Baffles Stainless Steel, Cone
Piping material Stainless Steel, ASME SA-312 Type304
2. Outer Jacket
Design code CGA341-2007
Design Pressure -1 bar
Design Temperature Normal
Material Carbon Steel Q345R GB713
Rear head Stainless Steel, ASME SA240 304
Front head Carbon Steel Q345R
3. Insulation
Type of Insulation Multi-Layer super insulation SI
Shipping vacuum Less than 7.5 micron
NER 0.29% in LIN per 24 hours
4. Plumbing
Valve types Main operational valves-Herose globe valves
Safety relief valves 2 units per CGA calculation
Piping material Stainless Steel, ASMESA-312Type304
Pressure build-up coil Aluminum star fin tubes with stainless steel core tube