Hydraulic Cylinders


Onwell Oil and Natural Gas Equipment LLC are pioneers in manufacturing and supplying Hydraulic Cylinders that are used mostly to convert fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion. These are designed by our experienced engineers deploying latest technology and strictly following the necessary quality parameters. Our range can also be used to convert the fluid energy to an output force in a linear direction. The industries in which our products find application are machine tools, earth moving equipment and space application.

Onwell Oil and Natural Gas Equipment LLC is a company of specialist hydraulic engineers, which has built up an outstanding reputation for its technical experience and quality of work.
Our DESIGN & BUILD capabilities have successfully delivered hydraulic systems to various oilfield applications.
Our engineering team consists of hydraulic engineers, structural engineers and cad operators. The team with a collective experience of more than 20 years have the perfect skill set for design / upgrades for various demanding applications.
The team is well supported by a build team consisting of certified welders, fabricators, painters who are continuously developed with training to keep them abreast with the latest technologies.
Onwell Oil and Natural Gas Equipment LLC provides total support for Hydraulic Systems, including training, planned maintenance, breakdown maintenance, parts supply, upgrades and full installation.
Our proven expertise in upgrades and conversions on hydraulic cranes, mast raising equipment for land rigs, hydraulic power units and controls for drilling tools (like catheads, tubing and casing tongs, iron rough necks, etc.) has earned us a name will all major drilling contractors.


  • Vane Pumps ( single & double)
  • Axial piston Pump( Premier, World cup, Gold cup series)
  • Hydraulic Valves -Relief, reducing, check valve, Directional valves, Pilot operated check valves, flow control Valves
  • Proportional Valves & Amplifier cards


  • Diaphragm Accumulators
  • Bladder Accumulators
  • Piston accumulators


  • Pressure Line Filters
  • Return Line Filters
  • In Line Filters