Peace of mind in this business is about protecting your assets… people, property and profit. The Gangline Temporary Pipe Restraint System Gangline is a professionally-engineered series of Gangline Restraints designed to limit the movement of pipes in a Temporary Pipeline (Pipeline) in the case of catastrophic failure.The Gangline consists of only two parts: either restraints and carabiners or restraints and shackles. It offers a lightweight, high-strength installation solution for your peace of mind.

It works on flow lines, frack lines, temporary pipelines, frack irons, 1502 irons, swivels, Chicksans and flow irons. The Gangline also includes assemblies to restrain swivels or Chicksans within a Pipeline. When correctly installed, the Gangline will restrain each side of the Union of each Pipe Segment through the entire linear series of a Pipeline


The Gangline is designed specifically for 1502 style Hammer Union pipes with nominal inside diameters of 2 to 3 inches. It is designed for temporary flow lines with recommended maximum pressure up to 15,000 psi (larger Gangline systems are available upon request for pressure pumping jobs in 4″ up to 15,000 psi). The Gangline™ is available in three rating sizes: RD, HD and XD. Each system is flexible and easily adaptable to a variety of flow-line configurations and site conditions. See sizing chart below to identify which Gangline™ model to use

Nominal Iron SizeGangline Model Regular Duty(RD)Gangline Model Heavy Duty(HD)
2’’15,000 PSI
3’’15,000 PSI
4’’10,000 PSI

Product Features:

  • Lightweight highly flexible,
  • Easy/Quick assembly/Disassembly,
  • Clear access to connection points for leak repair,
  • Hydrophobic-does not absorb oil or water, washable,
  • UV protected and corrosion resistant,
  • Easy use in sub-zero conditions