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SPM Weir Flow Control

Weir SPM Flow Control

The SPM flow control product line features products used to safely transport fluids at high pressure into the wellbore during various well service applications. Products like Pump/Fluid end dressing parts, Hammer union, Choke valves, Plug valves, Hose loop, etc.,..

Kandle USA

A full range of interchangeable fluid end replacement parts for the Halliburton HT-400 and Axon HD-500 Triplex pump, In addition replacement parts for following Drilling equipment’s:

a) Triplex Mud Pumps: National – Oilwell – Emsco – Gardener Denver – Ideco

b) Draw works

c) Swivels.

d) Strainer Assemblies

Spare Parts for diverse types & models of Oilfield equipment.

  • Engine Parts.
  • Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, and Motors.
  • Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Supply and repair cold ends
  • Booster Pump Dressing Parts.
  • Centrifugal Pumps & Spare parts.
  • Gear Box & Gear Pump.
  • Gas Detectors & Alarm System.
  • Digital Rate Totalizer, Analyzer with Connectors & Cables.
  • Pressure & Temperature Gauges.
  • All Ranges of Filters.
  • Rexroth Parts.
  • Magnaloy Parts.
  • Zone II Equipment: Sentinel – Chalwyn – AMOT – Rig Saver Valves & Parts.
  • Air Tanks.
  • Air Compressors.
  • Non Metallic Fan.